Monday, December 15, 2008

Kinky Boots

Yes, this is my second post today and it is only minutes after my last post, but i have nothing to do at work and i want to keep everything separate.
So, "Kinky Boots" is great. It turns out to be based on a true story about a shoe maker in England that starts making shoes for drag queens. Of course the movie embellishes the story with love stories and prejudices on drag queens.
The actor, Chiwetel Ejiofor, who played the drag queen did a brilliant job of it and showed how hard it is to be accepted for who you are.
The movie also shows how much more open England is compared to America yet again.
So go rent this movie for it is very good.

The Kingdom and the Elves of the Reaches

I just listened to the series "The Kingdom and the Elves of the Reaches" There are four books in this series with this name and then they continue with four more books with the name of "In the Service of Dragons" Since the second group of four are not available yet to put on my ipod to listen to by my library i have only read the first four.

My opinion of these books are slightly mixed. It is an interesting tale and i do want to keep reading but for a book made for the reading level of ages 9-12 it seemed really complicated. (Yes, I read children's book's sometimes) I am way past 12 and i would sometimes get confused on what was happening from one moment to the next. I got the gist of what happened but i still feel like i missed some minor things that happened in the book. It might of been because i listened to the books instead of reading them but i do not believe so.

I did like the story though and would recommend people to try them out if they have nothing else to read.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Lie with Me

A truly interesting Movie. At first i thought i had rented a soft core porn movie and in a way it almost is but it is trying to tell a story about the way sex has had an effect on younger generations. Young people( early 20's to mid 20's i am thinking) seem to want only sex with others and not commitment because that just leads to divorce. Yet these two dysfunctional people realized that in the end that what they felt for each other was not just lust but love.
Basically it is an interesting movie but maybe only something to watch when you have nothing else to do that day. Definitely not a kid friendly movie.

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Trips

As expected, I have not been using my blog. I knew that would happen since i can always do something else instead of talk about myself and what i am doing. Not that it matters since i am not doing much.

Two exciting things in my life at the moment. First, I went to New Jersey to see my friend Ellen and her family. It was really fun because i have missed them terribly and want them to leave New Jersey and come back to Denver where they belong. (OK, they can belong anywhere, i just want them here) Only down point of the trip was the massive sun burn i received the day before i had to fly home. Nothing is sadder then realizing that you can not bring the gallon of lotion onto the plain for your sun burn because they think it is an explosive. Thank god there was a Body Works store on the other side of the security gates. Of course their cream was so oily it gave me a large amount of back zits. , yea.

Second item, is that i am travailing to Austin Texas for the Game Developer Conference on Friday of this week. I am driving down with two 20 year olds. They love to say how they can drive forever and so when i said we will start on Friday night after class, they did not seemed to thrilled. All i can say is that i am not driving 16 hours in one day. I will take a nap after work and drive Friday night. Calab does not work all the time so he can help me drive for goodness sake. OK, i am venting on the idiots but that is because i can right. that is what blogs are for. More venting, the stupid place to stay has driven me around the bend. First, we were going to stay at Brandon's friends place. Me being a girl and older took dibs on the couch and the boys could sleep on the floor. Then his friend's place was sold out from underneath him and we had no place to stay. He was going to see if some of his Church friends would put us up but took to long to get back to us. So, i complained to my dad and said there were a couple of motels about 2 miles from the conference. He said that i should get a room in one of the hotels that are part of the conference no matter how much it is. So that is what i did, doing it for four people since another guy was flying in and was going to stay with us. Then when i told my dad how much it was and he was stunned and said he was thinking of a place that was cheaper and i told him those were the ones that were two miles away and had scary reviews. then the guy who was flying in is not coming and i am not sure if i will be able to get the hotel to lessen the amount on the room since it will be three instead of four. Then, i have decided to fly home instead of drive home because i just want to. SO i looked at the prices and deiced to try and use some of my United Airline miles that i have. I know i have them but i could not find them. After talking to someone at united, i found them and i had 37,000. enough for the ticket i wanted. Since i was only doing one way i had to talk to someone which cost me $25. Then because i did it so late i had to pay another $50. then they said if i wanted to check in any bags it will cost me$15 for the first one and $25 for each one after. so i will be planing on a carry on bag but can we just ahhhh.

So, that is it for now. If work does not pick up soon i will probably add some more later today.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My favorite thing to do with Blogs...

What I have been doing since my friends have stared blogging is to look at the blog that is after them. You know where it says up top , Next Blog. It is really interesting and most of the time it is in some other language. I am telling you this because i found an interesting picture on one that i am going to put here.

Isn't it neat. I like it. Tick tack toe anyone....

Friday, May 30, 2008

have i mention how little time i have....

I am not sure how my friends can blog so much. I never seem to have the time to do it. Mind you I go to school at night and work during the day and half of my friends are stay at home moms. Yet they are busy, at least i think they are. this term at school i will be able to write more since i will only be going to school three nights a week but i am going full time at work so who knows. Lets see what books i can tell you about since i discussed movies last time.

There is one author that i have read many different works from. her name is Christine Feehan. She writes a vampire version of books and also a psychic serious. I have read a couple from each and some of her short stories. The reason i discuss all of things i have read of hers is to remind myself to not read another of her stories. Her short ones are fine but when i get to the full novels i get irritated and annoyed. I not sure exactly why and do not discourage people from reading her stuff because she does take an interesting few on the vampires. That view is that Vlad the impaler, who is the person many people attribute with Dracula, is part of a vampire like society but they are here to protect the world from evil but if the Carpathian (which what they call themselves) does not find their mate they might become an evil vampire who will try and destroy the world. The psychic story line is just as interesting. It starts with a girl who is a part a group of kids that had experiments done on them when they were young that gave them psychic abilities but then they were separated. The girl and a group of solders that are part of the guy she fell in love with are trying to find them. All the kids are girls and all the solders are boys. can see where this is going. they are all going to fall in love and there will be graphic sex parts of the book which can always get tiring after a little while. I do not think it is the sex that annoys me since the last book i read of hers called Dark Melody the characters could not have sex because of complications so there was none until the last 50 pages and then that was basically what the last 50 pages were. The book annoyed way before that started happen, so i believe it is something else and i do not now what.

Now that i have gotten that off my chest lets talk about a book that i enjoyed reading and the was the Count of Monte Cristo. I had to read this for many reasons. One, it is a classic and i am trying to read more of the classics. two, I saw the movie and wanted to see how they compared. Since I listened to it on CD instead of read it, i figured out really quickly that the two would not be the same since there was 35 discs to listen to. the average book is around 12 discs so that says the Count of Monte Cristo is a really big book. That is OK since it is one of the more easier books to listen to that is classical. For those who do not know what the story is about here is a quick summary. Edmond (a poor but happy young man) is about to marry is love and become caption of his ship. Those that wanted what he had, conspired against him and he was thrown into prison where he stayed for 10 years even though he did nothing wrong. He escapes and seeks revenge on all that betrayed him and help those who tried to help him or his father. You want more detail then that pick up the book and read the back cover.

I read many other books and seen many other movies but I need to go so that is all for now.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

So many books and movies, so little time

I have read and seen so many different books and movies over the past month I do not know what to say. I will probably not remember the movies since i found myself watching a movie that I had already seen but had forgotten that i had watched it already and that movie was "Ring 2" Not as good as the first witch is probably why i forgot i had already seen it. A goo sequel that i did see was "Grudge 2". It had a lot of good jumps to it and the plot took on an interesting turn by moving the curse to America.

Two other movies that i have seen is Sweeney Todd with Johnny Depp and Heavy Metal 2000. Can we say two really opposite movies? Sweeney Todd was interesting with all the singing and it was interesting to realize that the guy who played Borat was in the movie. Of course i did not recognize him at first. He is the barber that Sweeney challenges to a shave off if you did not know. Then Heavy Metal 2000 was a little disappointing since it was only slightly similar to the first Heavy Metal. I was expecting a group of stories revolving around an evil green orb like last time and all i got was one story about a green key that turns the owner mad. Oh well.

I have other things to do and will come back to discuss the books i have read later even though i do not think any one actually reads this but who knows.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Book time

So, as i might of said before i listen to books at work as well as read them.  In the last week and half i have listened to two books and read one.  The first book i listened tow was this one by Terry Prachett, called Going Postal.  As anyone who has read any book from Terry they know it is full of weird humor.  This one is no different.  It was fun to read and if you like fun books you should read this one.  It is about a criminal that was giving a second chance at life by running the post office that has not delivered a letter in over 40 years but has still collected mail.  There are piles of mail everywhere and he has to try and figure out what to do.

The second book that I listen to was called Elements of Style by Wendy Wasserstein.  It is about a group of upper crust people in New York a little while after 9/11.  It is an interesting look at the in and outs of the upper crust and how petty they can be.  It also makes me glad that i am not part of the group of people.  I do not think i can deal with all the pressure to be perfect.

 The Book i read this month was the Accidental Vampire by Lynsay Sands. I believe that this is her seventh book but i could be wrong.  She has given the look at vampires an interesting twist.  Instead of being cured people who die when they are turned, they are people from Atlantes that came up with nanoites that made them into vampires.  Each of her books follow a vamp that thinks they have found their lifemates and what they do to get them.  They are fun romance vampire books and this one is just as fun as her others.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Whole bunch of Movies

So I have seen a whole bunch of movies over the last two weeks have not written about them. The first one that i saw two weeks ago but forgot to talk about was the movie and it was Horton Hears a Who.

What can you say about this movie. It is a Dr. Seuss movie. That should explain it all. I do not remember this tail from when i was a child but the book looked familiar when i looked at the book. My mother said she always liked this book so we probably have it somewhere.

The movie "This is England" was an interesting look at England in the 1980's It also showed an interesting look at the English skinhead. The funny thing was that sometimes when the characters were to say something and i would think i was watching Red Dwarf. OK, I know that i was not but they did say a lot of the same things which would make sense since Red Dwarf was made in the 80's and the movie took place in the eights. Yea, sometimes i am slow but i get there sooner or later. This was a good movie to see but expect some violence.

This was a fun movie to see and i highly recommend it. It is about kid that has to travel though time to find items to save the world from darkness. The effects where very good also. I found it quite entertaining to watch.

I did see this in the theater but i have just rented again to see it. I have not read the book in a long time but i thought they did a great adaption of the book. It was very fun to watch.

When i saw the preview for this movie i always knew i would like it so i of course saw it in the theaters. It might be my fatalistic look of the future and wondering what the world would be like in the future if something terrible happiness like what happened in this movie. It is violent with a lot blood. I liked the movie a lot.

I think i saw one other movie but i can not remember what it was. So that is about it for now.

Friday, March 28, 2008

The joy of reading books and listening to them on tape is that i get many more books read.  So for post number two of the day i will tell of the second book i finished today.

When looking at this cover people are probably thinking not another vampire romance novel with lots of unbelievable sex scenes but it is not.  There is no sex in it at all.

Now, i have read many different books on vampires and as i write my blogs you will see a whole bunch of them since i  seem to have a thing for vampires.  This is an interesting take on the vampire world.  There are two types of vampires, the made ones and the born ones.  The made ones ignore the made ones and try and find a born vamp with a good fertility rating.  There is no love in the matches of born vampires.  The main character wants a man of her own but she wants love so she decided to start a dating service to help everyone find what they need.  I making this to complicated.  lets keep it simple.  It was a cute book even though the heroin had a problem with noticing the labels of everyone's clothes. Easy to read and if you like vampires like and need a quick book to read then this is the one for you. 

The Family Tree

Just finished the book called the Family Tree. It is the story of three generations of women and the lives. Not all of their lives just the import parts. It is tole by the last female and her looking back to when her mom was alive and looking at the history of her grandmother and the love that she had lost. So it is basically three stories being told at the same time. the daughters, the mothers, and the grandmothers. Which means it jump around a lot. I listen to it on tape so maybe it is not as jumpy if you are reading it. It was good though and i recommend it to those who need a book to read. It is British so expect a lot of British terminology like lift and lay-in.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Night Watch and Day Watch

So this is the movie I watched over the weekend. I saw in the theater when it came out in 2004 and what i liked about it when it came out was what it did with its subtitles. It is a Russian movie if no one figured that out. What they did with the subtitles was make them part of the movie. Like in the beginning when the boy is swimming and he hears a voice calling to him. instead of just hearing the eerie voice the subtitles take on a blood like look to them and float away in the water. Sometimes it even looks like it is blood coming from the boys nose bleed which is the result of the call. Another thing that the subtitles did was when a character screamed at the main character that got big like the were screaming to. So when i rented this movie i as hoping to enjoy these features but it did not even have it spoken in Russian.

Other then that it is a great movie. The idea of the tale is very original. Then what they do with the spacial effects is just great. I highly recommend this movie.

Then there is Day Watch the sequel to watch. When the first movie came out they said it would be the first part in a trilogy. After watch Day Watch i have no idea of where they are going to go with a third movie but i hope not to miss it.

I did miss Day Watch in the theaters so i did not get to see if the continued with what they did with the subtitles. The story is just as great here as in the first. The special effects might even be better then before. There is this great scene where a girl is driving her car along the side of the building and there is a cleaning lady one of the rooms that just looks out the window in dismay because of the tire streak on the other side of the window she just finished cleaning.

Anyways, watch both is what i recommend.
Since it seems that everyone i know has a blog i might as well try and have one also.  The main word in that sentence is TRY.  I thought about what i could blog about and thought of all the movies i watch and all the books i read and realized that i could write about them.  Since blogs are supposed to be about the person who is writing the blog and everything that happens in their lives, i knew that would never work for me.  My blog would be small and boring if i only talked about my life since all i do is work and go to school. Since no one wants to hear about my boring job or what i have learned about in school i will talk about the books or movies that i have read or seen recently.  I will add stuff about me if something interesting happens but since that is a rarity we will not have to worry about it. well that is it for now. More latter.