Thursday, May 8, 2008

So many books and movies, so little time

I have read and seen so many different books and movies over the past month I do not know what to say. I will probably not remember the movies since i found myself watching a movie that I had already seen but had forgotten that i had watched it already and that movie was "Ring 2" Not as good as the first witch is probably why i forgot i had already seen it. A goo sequel that i did see was "Grudge 2". It had a lot of good jumps to it and the plot took on an interesting turn by moving the curse to America.

Two other movies that i have seen is Sweeney Todd with Johnny Depp and Heavy Metal 2000. Can we say two really opposite movies? Sweeney Todd was interesting with all the singing and it was interesting to realize that the guy who played Borat was in the movie. Of course i did not recognize him at first. He is the barber that Sweeney challenges to a shave off if you did not know. Then Heavy Metal 2000 was a little disappointing since it was only slightly similar to the first Heavy Metal. I was expecting a group of stories revolving around an evil green orb like last time and all i got was one story about a green key that turns the owner mad. Oh well.

I have other things to do and will come back to discuss the books i have read later even though i do not think any one actually reads this but who knows.

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