Thursday, January 14, 2010

City of Thieves

One of the books I have read recently is City of Thieves by David Benioff. I do not remember how this book got on my list of books to read but it was on my list for a little while. I am glad I read it because it showed an interesting view of Russia during WW2. It is supposed to be comical but it has it sad points to. It shows what Leningrad was like in winter time while the Russians were fighting against the Germans. To make it not so depressing because it sure could have taken that route, Benioff has two very charismatic characters. The Story is being told be Lev, a 17 year old virgin Jew (his words not mine). He gets captured after seeing a dead German fall from the sky and decided to steal what he can from the body. He should have been executed for his crime but the Colonel of the city is planning the wedding of his daughter and needs eggs for the cake. He pairs Lev with Koyla, a wise cracking deserter, telling them that if they can bring him a dozen eggs in 4 days they will not be executed for their crimes.

Koyla is the character that keeps the mood of the book light and from not taking a plunge into the depression of that time. There are still many things that happen to these to characters that make your eyes water but it also makes you smile. The stuff these to get into to get these eggs are just, well amazing.

I truly recommend this book for all ages to read. It shows a different aspect of the World War 2 that not everyone is probably aware of with the amount of starvation that Leningrad went through when trying to survive the onslaught of the Germans. I also like to see all aspects of the war because it should not be forgotten or put into the back of ones mind the horrible things that happened during that war.

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Another book to read that shows a different view of the war is the Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I read this book years ago but the story has stayed with me. It is about a girl who is adopted by a poor family in Munich. The family is not Nazis but they have to pretend to go along otherwise something would happen to them. They even hide a Jewish man in their basement for a little while even though they do not have much money or room. This is a top read for everyone.

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