Friday, May 30, 2008

have i mention how little time i have....

I am not sure how my friends can blog so much. I never seem to have the time to do it. Mind you I go to school at night and work during the day and half of my friends are stay at home moms. Yet they are busy, at least i think they are. this term at school i will be able to write more since i will only be going to school three nights a week but i am going full time at work so who knows. Lets see what books i can tell you about since i discussed movies last time.

There is one author that i have read many different works from. her name is Christine Feehan. She writes a vampire version of books and also a psychic serious. I have read a couple from each and some of her short stories. The reason i discuss all of things i have read of hers is to remind myself to not read another of her stories. Her short ones are fine but when i get to the full novels i get irritated and annoyed. I not sure exactly why and do not discourage people from reading her stuff because she does take an interesting few on the vampires. That view is that Vlad the impaler, who is the person many people attribute with Dracula, is part of a vampire like society but they are here to protect the world from evil but if the Carpathian (which what they call themselves) does not find their mate they might become an evil vampire who will try and destroy the world. The psychic story line is just as interesting. It starts with a girl who is a part a group of kids that had experiments done on them when they were young that gave them psychic abilities but then they were separated. The girl and a group of solders that are part of the guy she fell in love with are trying to find them. All the kids are girls and all the solders are boys. can see where this is going. they are all going to fall in love and there will be graphic sex parts of the book which can always get tiring after a little while. I do not think it is the sex that annoys me since the last book i read of hers called Dark Melody the characters could not have sex because of complications so there was none until the last 50 pages and then that was basically what the last 50 pages were. The book annoyed way before that started happen, so i believe it is something else and i do not now what.

Now that i have gotten that off my chest lets talk about a book that i enjoyed reading and the was the Count of Monte Cristo. I had to read this for many reasons. One, it is a classic and i am trying to read more of the classics. two, I saw the movie and wanted to see how they compared. Since I listened to it on CD instead of read it, i figured out really quickly that the two would not be the same since there was 35 discs to listen to. the average book is around 12 discs so that says the Count of Monte Cristo is a really big book. That is OK since it is one of the more easier books to listen to that is classical. For those who do not know what the story is about here is a quick summary. Edmond (a poor but happy young man) is about to marry is love and become caption of his ship. Those that wanted what he had, conspired against him and he was thrown into prison where he stayed for 10 years even though he did nothing wrong. He escapes and seeks revenge on all that betrayed him and help those who tried to help him or his father. You want more detail then that pick up the book and read the back cover.

I read many other books and seen many other movies but I need to go so that is all for now.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

So many books and movies, so little time

I have read and seen so many different books and movies over the past month I do not know what to say. I will probably not remember the movies since i found myself watching a movie that I had already seen but had forgotten that i had watched it already and that movie was "Ring 2" Not as good as the first witch is probably why i forgot i had already seen it. A goo sequel that i did see was "Grudge 2". It had a lot of good jumps to it and the plot took on an interesting turn by moving the curse to America.

Two other movies that i have seen is Sweeney Todd with Johnny Depp and Heavy Metal 2000. Can we say two really opposite movies? Sweeney Todd was interesting with all the singing and it was interesting to realize that the guy who played Borat was in the movie. Of course i did not recognize him at first. He is the barber that Sweeney challenges to a shave off if you did not know. Then Heavy Metal 2000 was a little disappointing since it was only slightly similar to the first Heavy Metal. I was expecting a group of stories revolving around an evil green orb like last time and all i got was one story about a green key that turns the owner mad. Oh well.

I have other things to do and will come back to discuss the books i have read later even though i do not think any one actually reads this but who knows.