Monday, September 8, 2008

The Trips

As expected, I have not been using my blog. I knew that would happen since i can always do something else instead of talk about myself and what i am doing. Not that it matters since i am not doing much.

Two exciting things in my life at the moment. First, I went to New Jersey to see my friend Ellen and her family. It was really fun because i have missed them terribly and want them to leave New Jersey and come back to Denver where they belong. (OK, they can belong anywhere, i just want them here) Only down point of the trip was the massive sun burn i received the day before i had to fly home. Nothing is sadder then realizing that you can not bring the gallon of lotion onto the plain for your sun burn because they think it is an explosive. Thank god there was a Body Works store on the other side of the security gates. Of course their cream was so oily it gave me a large amount of back zits. , yea.

Second item, is that i am travailing to Austin Texas for the Game Developer Conference on Friday of this week. I am driving down with two 20 year olds. They love to say how they can drive forever and so when i said we will start on Friday night after class, they did not seemed to thrilled. All i can say is that i am not driving 16 hours in one day. I will take a nap after work and drive Friday night. Calab does not work all the time so he can help me drive for goodness sake. OK, i am venting on the idiots but that is because i can right. that is what blogs are for. More venting, the stupid place to stay has driven me around the bend. First, we were going to stay at Brandon's friends place. Me being a girl and older took dibs on the couch and the boys could sleep on the floor. Then his friend's place was sold out from underneath him and we had no place to stay. He was going to see if some of his Church friends would put us up but took to long to get back to us. So, i complained to my dad and said there were a couple of motels about 2 miles from the conference. He said that i should get a room in one of the hotels that are part of the conference no matter how much it is. So that is what i did, doing it for four people since another guy was flying in and was going to stay with us. Then when i told my dad how much it was and he was stunned and said he was thinking of a place that was cheaper and i told him those were the ones that were two miles away and had scary reviews. then the guy who was flying in is not coming and i am not sure if i will be able to get the hotel to lessen the amount on the room since it will be three instead of four. Then, i have decided to fly home instead of drive home because i just want to. SO i looked at the prices and deiced to try and use some of my United Airline miles that i have. I know i have them but i could not find them. After talking to someone at united, i found them and i had 37,000. enough for the ticket i wanted. Since i was only doing one way i had to talk to someone which cost me $25. Then because i did it so late i had to pay another $50. then they said if i wanted to check in any bags it will cost me$15 for the first one and $25 for each one after. so i will be planing on a carry on bag but can we just ahhhh.

So, that is it for now. If work does not pick up soon i will probably add some more later today.