Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Night Watch and Day Watch

So this is the movie I watched over the weekend. I saw in the theater when it came out in 2004 and what i liked about it when it came out was what it did with its subtitles. It is a Russian movie if no one figured that out. What they did with the subtitles was make them part of the movie. Like in the beginning when the boy is swimming and he hears a voice calling to him. instead of just hearing the eerie voice the subtitles take on a blood like look to them and float away in the water. Sometimes it even looks like it is blood coming from the boys nose bleed which is the result of the call. Another thing that the subtitles did was when a character screamed at the main character that got big like the were screaming to. So when i rented this movie i as hoping to enjoy these features but it did not even have it spoken in Russian.

Other then that it is a great movie. The idea of the tale is very original. Then what they do with the spacial effects is just great. I highly recommend this movie.

Then there is Day Watch the sequel to watch. When the first movie came out they said it would be the first part in a trilogy. After watch Day Watch i have no idea of where they are going to go with a third movie but i hope not to miss it.

I did miss Day Watch in the theaters so i did not get to see if the continued with what they did with the subtitles. The story is just as great here as in the first. The special effects might even be better then before. There is this great scene where a girl is driving her car along the side of the building and there is a cleaning lady one of the rooms that just looks out the window in dismay because of the tire streak on the other side of the window she just finished cleaning.

Anyways, watch both is what i recommend.

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