Monday, March 31, 2008

Whole bunch of Movies

So I have seen a whole bunch of movies over the last two weeks have not written about them. The first one that i saw two weeks ago but forgot to talk about was the movie and it was Horton Hears a Who.

What can you say about this movie. It is a Dr. Seuss movie. That should explain it all. I do not remember this tail from when i was a child but the book looked familiar when i looked at the book. My mother said she always liked this book so we probably have it somewhere.

The movie "This is England" was an interesting look at England in the 1980's It also showed an interesting look at the English skinhead. The funny thing was that sometimes when the characters were to say something and i would think i was watching Red Dwarf. OK, I know that i was not but they did say a lot of the same things which would make sense since Red Dwarf was made in the 80's and the movie took place in the eights. Yea, sometimes i am slow but i get there sooner or later. This was a good movie to see but expect some violence.

This was a fun movie to see and i highly recommend it. It is about kid that has to travel though time to find items to save the world from darkness. The effects where very good also. I found it quite entertaining to watch.

I did see this in the theater but i have just rented again to see it. I have not read the book in a long time but i thought they did a great adaption of the book. It was very fun to watch.

When i saw the preview for this movie i always knew i would like it so i of course saw it in the theaters. It might be my fatalistic look of the future and wondering what the world would be like in the future if something terrible happiness like what happened in this movie. It is violent with a lot blood. I liked the movie a lot.

I think i saw one other movie but i can not remember what it was. So that is about it for now.

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