Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Since it seems that everyone i know has a blog i might as well try and have one also.  The main word in that sentence is TRY.  I thought about what i could blog about and thought of all the movies i watch and all the books i read and realized that i could write about them.  Since blogs are supposed to be about the person who is writing the blog and everything that happens in their lives, i knew that would never work for me.  My blog would be small and boring if i only talked about my life since all i do is work and go to school. Since no one wants to hear about my boring job or what i have learned about in school i will talk about the books or movies that i have read or seen recently.  I will add stuff about me if something interesting happens but since that is a rarity we will not have to worry about it. well that is it for now. More latter.


Scylla said...

Welcome to the "BlogoSphere"! Before you know it you will be using phrases like "blogosphere" with alarming regularity!!

ellen said...

I like to call it blog land.

Welcome to our strange little world.