Monday, December 15, 2008

The Kingdom and the Elves of the Reaches

I just listened to the series "The Kingdom and the Elves of the Reaches" There are four books in this series with this name and then they continue with four more books with the name of "In the Service of Dragons" Since the second group of four are not available yet to put on my ipod to listen to by my library i have only read the first four.

My opinion of these books are slightly mixed. It is an interesting tale and i do want to keep reading but for a book made for the reading level of ages 9-12 it seemed really complicated. (Yes, I read children's book's sometimes) I am way past 12 and i would sometimes get confused on what was happening from one moment to the next. I got the gist of what happened but i still feel like i missed some minor things that happened in the book. It might of been because i listened to the books instead of reading them but i do not believe so.

I did like the story though and would recommend people to try them out if they have nothing else to read.

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