Saturday, June 9, 2012

SteamPunk with Gail Carriger - 1

The reasons why this is Steam Punk one is because it will be covering just the first two novels by Gail Carriger. The first book is "Soulless".

This book introduces everyone to all of the main characters that will be part of the future books. The Main Character for all the books is Alexia Tarabotti. She is living in Victorian times where vampires and werewolves are part of the society. The vampires for example set the fashion for the English society, while the werewolves help with the protection. Alexia is a completely different type of supernatural. She is called Soulless (hence the name of the book) which means that she can transform both vampires and werewolves back to humans when she touches them. This means she can kill them if she wanted to. She is an interesting character who is very direct which is why she has gotten the attention of the werewolf Alpha. The two of them flirt back and forth while trying figure out where all the rogue vampires are coming from.

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There is only one spoiler I will give on this book from the last so stop now if you want to wait to read the first book but it is a simple one and it is obvious.  She Married the Alpha Werewolf. Also if it not obvious that she figured out the problem from that last because there is a second book then i do not know what you are expecting in the second book. I will not say anymore about the last book so as not to spoil anymore of it.
In this book she is adjusting to her new roll as the wife of an Alpha werewolf. Then suddenly something happened in London that freaks out all of the supernaturals because they are suddenly human and are no longer vampires and werewolves. The anomaly stops though and moves to Scotland where the Alpha's old pack lives. He was already heading there for another issue that has come up with the pack, so Alexia uses the need to follow as an excuse to take a dirigible up there. Once there she gets to meet her husbands old pack and finds out why he left. As there are more books after this one you can guess that Alexia figures everything out. The book also ends with an exciting thing that i cannot tell you about till you read this book but it made me want to pick up the next book right away to find out what happens.

So buy it now and read it so that we can discuss the next book. Changeless (Parasol Protectorate Series #2)

So if you like steam punk and supernaturals then these books are the things to read. 

PS. I forgot to say what i thought about these books.
If you love steampunk then as i said before these books are for you. If you are not, you do not have to worry that it is full of steampunkie kind of stuff. there is usually about one or two chapter where they talk about some fancy dancy mechanical thingies that you will have to read to get through the book. there are also little things they use everyday that they talk about but those fun to read about.

One thing i thought was weird about the books was the way the author would keep changing how she would refer to the characters. In one paragraph she would use the characters first name and then in the next paragraph Lady or Lord Malcom. I have read many books that take place in Victorian England and  they do not switch so much. You get used to it but i thought it was weird that she kept switching it. Maybe it is a Steampunk thing.

The books though are really good. The storyline is intriguing. I like books where supernaturals are not hiding behind the scene, usually though they are in modern times. Seeing it in a different time is very interesting. Then the Author has made the supernaturals different then the usual ones people hear about, with it having everything to do with souls and how much a person has decides if they will become one or not. Then the main character is different type of supernatural altogether.

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