Saturday, June 23, 2012

Clown Girl

This book as you can guess is about a girl that is a clown. This is Author Monica Drake's first novel. She is very descriptive and some of the ways she would describe stuff was truly interesting to read.
The book takes place over a week where the girl clown Sniffles has some really bad luck while trying to survive as a cooperate Clown.  She wants to be an artistic clown but she needs money so takes jobs that just pay. She wants her boyfriend to back from clown college and doesn't want to deal with her landlord's girlfriend who is a conniving muscle bound women who hates Sniffles.

Can't really say much about this book because it took me a while to read it. it was interesting and i wanted to see what would happen but not enough to keep reading it. The stuff this poor girl went though was amazing but all i could think was that needed help.

It was interesting though so you should still check it out because you might like more then me.

Clown Girl at Barnes & Noble for $11

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