Thursday, December 17, 2009

Friday Night Knitting Club

Since I have become a recent knitter my friends might of thought i picked this book up because of the knitting aspect of it. The truth is that it is the second book that is focused around a group of women knitting that i have read and the first one i was not even thinking of knitting yet.

I really enjoyed this book. It is about a group of women in NY city trying to figure their lives out in one way or another. They all come to Walker and Daughter, the knitting shop, every Friday to get together and knit even though sometimes they just sit and talk, or joke around. Each women has something different going on in their lives that you hope will turn out right for them.

I will spoil a little by saying the ending is very sad. I was listing to this book and i was on the bus when i got to the part that i wanted to cry at and had to hold back my tears because i will not be that person crying on the bus.

While looking on the Internet about this book, i found out that it is being made into a movie with Julia Roberts playing Georgia Walker the owner of the shop. I can not wait to go see it but who knows when it will come out. The first website said 2009 but it is almost the end of 2009 and i have not seen anything about it. The another post said 2010 which seems more likely. I will wait patiently for its release by reading more books, watching more movies, and knitting my ass of.

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