Monday, December 14, 2009


Acclaimed Thai action director Prachya Pinkaew helms this martial arts drama, which follows Zen (JeeJa Yanin), a young autistic woman who discovers that she has the uncanny ability to absorb precision fighting skills just by watching martial arts movies. When her cancer-ridden mother's creditors come calling, Zen attempts to settle the debts by standing up to a hardnosed gang of criminals who have wrongfully swindled money from her family.

Now that you know what netflix says the movie is about let me give my thoughts on the film.

Yes, it is about an autistic girl who's mother is dying form cancer and learns martial atrs by watching movies. But she does not know what she is doing when she is fighting the bad guys. She just knows that they have money that belongs to her mother and she will get it back from them. Then at the end she just wants to get her mother back from the bad guy and then to stop him from hurting her mother.

This was a good movie and I recommend it,especially if you like kung fu movies. I do not know what it sounded like dubbed but the subtitles where good and you needed them even when they spoke English since they had such strong accents you would not of been able to understand them anyway.


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