Friday, August 28, 2009

Twilight - book and Movie

So, I am a total slacker on this as anyone who knows me can tell you. which is fine since i do not think anyone actually looks at this blog. I now have a counter on the bottom to see how many people might actually look at it. Since it counts me i will see how many times i visit it :)

So, Twilight....I have not figured out why so many people love this book. I have read many vampire books because i have an addiction(My name is Laura, and i am addicted to Vampires...Hello Laura) I want to say that the reason i did not like it was because of the vampires in it but i thought the concept of the vampire in the book intriguing minus the sparkly thing that the sun does to them. No, I think it was the girl Bella, who reminded me of teenagers from high school who drove me nuts in high school. She might say that she is a mature teenager but i thought she acted like any other teenager. Sure, she cooked dinner for her father and looked after her mother but that is what she wanted to do, she did not have to do that. The whole book was her getting used to a new life and meeting a boy who first ignores her then pays attention, then ignores, then gives her more attention, then tells her a secret. A really handsome boy. It took me 8 days to read the Twilight. Since it took others i know only a day or two to read and i am known to read books that i like just as fast, i definitely figured i am not a Twilight person. Then i tried to read New Moon, but Bella stated complaining right from the start and i just could not do it. With Twilight, I had to force myself to read it but i have decided that i do not want to wast my time on reading the rest of the series. I will just watch the movies since all the books will become movies. Of course I will not wast money to see them in the Movie theater(especially since i would complain and get booed out by the fanatics) but will rent them when they come out on video and watch them with another friend who is not a fan.
Now lets talk about the Movie. Some of friends who love Twilight think they like it because the saw the movie first and then read the books. I do not think that would of happened to me because i have seen many movies and then read the books. I liked the movies but hated the books.(OK there is only one that i can think of right now even thought I do not remember the name right now) The movie though never looked appealing to me when i watch the previews so i do not think i would of liked the series if i watch the movie first. What i did like about the Movie was that it was only two hours long. It was not 300 pages until they got to anything interesting. Then i was not sure if the actor who played Edward would do a good job since while i was reading the book i kept picturing him and he did not fit my image. But he did do a great job. I was little disappointed they did not look at that one vamp that can see into the future as much or say how the bad guy had a role in her becoming a vamp, but there is so much one can put in a movie from a book, which makes me wonder what i will miss by not reading the other books.
So now i will have to wait for New Moon to come out on Video to see if i will be able to watch the last two. But i will not read those blasted books.

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